Dr. Miller Product Testimonials

"Not only did this product burn fat, it curbed my appetite and added muscle tone to my body. It also made my skin smooth on all parts of my body."

Lost 80 lbs. in 10 months!

"This product suppressed my appetite, helped me to be more focused and alert. My concentration was increased, my glucose level stayed regulated, and it even corrected
my thyroid."

Lost 75 lbs. in 5 months!

"Not only did this product make me look years younger, I feel years younger, and I have more energy than ever. I would recommend this product to anyone!"

Lost 60 lbs!

"This plan literally saved my life. The doctor has taken me off several of my medications.

I lost 265 pounds, in 2 years and have maintained my weight for 2 years.
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"For most of my adult life starting in my early 40's I experienced constant discomfort with my bowel movements. Often I experienced IBS and was in misery. I started using Dr. Miller's Super Holy Tea in 2006 and use it on a daily basis. My IBS doesn't bother me any longer and I have consistent bowel movements on a daily basis. Never felt better!"
Dave C. - Cleveland, OH

"I have been using the tea regularly for almost 2 years now. I used to feel bloated all the time even when I wasn't eating. Now, I feel good! If I go any length at all without drinking the tea it is a noticeable difference. I have turned on about half a dozen people to the tea. All seemed to struggle with constipation, but since drinking the tea they feel great! We all have sworn that the tea has been a life saver, and it tastes really good too!"
Brenda E. - Pittsburgh, PA