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There are a handful of Philanthropists living, and deceased, who as a rule, gained notoriety as being wealthy. Wealthy, as in extremely, and as such, it made no difference to them, if they gave a thousand or a million, or indeed millions to their own favorite causes. This is not a case of being generous, as giving all one owns is generous. All else is publicity. To devote ones entire adult life, striving to formulate a Tea, knowing the power of Tea to heal, but wanting to adjust just the right combination, and the correct elusive ingredients, to not only help one lose weight, but in the process, clean the soul of health, that elusive part of the body, that no one else has been able to clean completely without harmful chemicals, the intestines, i.e. large and small sewer pipes. At last, succeeding this, Dr. Miller discovered that his Tea was reproducing new cells in all the organs and cells of the body, and making people feel good and having a sense of well being. As point of fact, there are 80 to 120 trillion cells in ones body, and over 1000 times that amount of bacteria. That is the job his Tea is able to tackle. Simply too good to be true? Thousands of actual testimonies say it is true.

The Philanthropist this article is commemorating is Dr. Miller of Tennessee. Dr. Miller knew he was destined for something interesting, if not Earth shaking at the age of 18. He earned his B.S., M.S., DP., and PhD degrees and began testing his Tea’s and has been perfecting this miracle tea, and other wonderful products for over 20 years.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Lambuth University , and began his journey of his personal quest of finding optimum health. While owning and operating two prominent and successful health centers in Tennessee , he earned his Masters Degree in Nutritional Science from Lambuth U. in 1974. He began the complicated task of formulating a tea based drink that would help people lose weight in a fast, healthy, yet very radical way. He founded an experimental office with willing individuals to test the results of his remarkable findings/discoveries. The remarkable results of Dr. Millers Holy Tea and the complete overall benefits to the body, was the topics of his final thesis that earned him a Doctorate of Philosophy and Nutritional science in 1994. Dr. Miller is currently authoring two books based on his patient studies and those who regularly drink Dr. Millers Holy Tea.

Dr. Miller has achieved success par excellence, as anyone within his circle of influence, which includes thousands of satisfied customers and is the author of the epitome of total health and the sense of well being. To keep this information from being told, far and wide, especially in the United States, where, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) cannot be cured, diabetes is rampant, and over the counter drugs is a multi-billion dollar industry, would be a travesty and we ask where is the health? Absolutely reprehensible to deny health to the multitudes looking for something, anything at all to make them feel better. Why is the U.S. the leader in cancer and every other disease, when China, has 1.5 billion people, healthy, simply by drinking tea? Dr. Miller has a patented Tea. But not just any Tea will do for this genius of health. This Tea not only has an enzyme that works on the junk in the intestines, both large and small, but every organ in the body. Each organ is directly connected to the colon. This article is to state facts, and the choices. We have the choice to drink a marvelous Tea, which will provide us with health and clarity and a new outlook on life, or look forward to every kind of illness one can imagine. Dr. Miller has a natural genius, a natural talent and inclination, a prevailing spirit of this natural healing power, and the tutelary deity of spirit given to a human being at birth, which he listened to, adhered to, and carried out to fruition over the course of his adult life. The gift he has given to mankind is inestimable in the value of ones health. The gift is absolutely incapable of being measured, and of incalculable value. He is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. Without Health, there is no value in life.

Over the last ten years, Dr. Miller has focused on constantly refining his processes and reducing the expensive ingredient costs of the tea to enable mass production and distribution to the general public. By joining forces with a few individuals to market this amazing product, and supported by thousands of personal testimonials, we are excited to introduce Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea and its unsurpassed health benefits to millions of new customers worldwide.